Nanni di ser Vanni Savini

Nanni di ser Vanni Savini was a Sienese man who had connections to families in power. William of Flete introduced Nanni and Catherine and from that meeting, a lasting relationship ensued. Nanni was aligned with the powerful Salimbeni family which resulted in Catherine strengthening her relationship with them. Historian Thomas Luongo claims, “By 1368-1371, Nanni had established himself as one of the most prominent and wealthy citizens of Siena.”1 Catherine’s connection to Nanni is not an accident, William of Flete, who knew Catherine’s aspirations, connected them because of Nanni’s status within the Sienese community. Nanni was wealthy and prominent in government, but he was, “imprisoned by the commune of Siena,” several times throughout his life.2 Nanni became Catherine’s benefactor and gifted a castle to her to establish a monastery.