People Files

Information on the men and women in Catherine's network

Learn more about the individuals connected to Catherine and the relationship between them. The information in these People Files is a culmination of my research based on Catherinian Scholarship. Some files have more information available than others, and some have more analysis attached to their page. Hopefully, these People Files will prove helpful to future scholars or the curious wanderer. These pages are linked from the Network Visualizations page. Feel free to explore them in your own order!

Alessia dei Saracini

A Sienese local, Alessia was well acquainted with Catherine, and her spiritual goals, before 1370.

Alfonso da Vadaterra

As Birgitta of Sweden’s confessor...

Andrea Naddini

Andrea Naddini was in short, “a notorious gambler and blasphemer, who fell gravely ill in December 1370.”

Andreasso Cavalcabuoi

A Sienese Senator that Catherine befriended in the early 1370s...

Barduccio Canigiani

Barduccio Canigini joined Catherine’s traveling group in 1378...

Bartolomeo Benincasa

Catherine’s older brother who was married to Lisa Colombini...

Bartolomeo Dominici

A Dominican frair and local to Siena, he was introduced to Catherine through Frate Tommaso dalla Fonte...


Benincasa was Catheirne’s oldest brother who belonged to the woolworkers guild.

Birgitta of Sweden

Known as a visionary queen, Birgitta of Sweden died in 1373...

Buonaccorso di Lapo

A member of the Parte Guelfa in Florence...

Carlo Strozzi

A member of Catherine’s followers among the Guelf party in Florence.

Catherine of Siena

Beginning in the 1370s, Catherine of Siena, a middle-class Sienese girl, entered the European political scene...

Consiglio Generale

The Consiglio Generale was a section of Sienese government...

Cristofano di Gano Guidini

Cristofano was a crucial figure to Catherine’s connection to the center of Sienese politics.

Cristoforo Canigiani

Barduccio Canigiani’s brother and follower of Catherine.


The Dodici took over the former government of The Nine in Siena in 1355.

Francesca (Cecca) di Clemente Gori

Little is known about Cecca’s life other than her involvement in Catherine’s early career.

Francesco Bruni

Francesco Bruni was the papal secretary to Pope Greogry XI.

Francesco di Vanni Malavolti

Francesco was a Sienese nobleman, who entered Catherine’s network around 1374.

Gabriele di Davino Piccolomini

Little is known about Gabriele di Davino Piccolomini other than his status as a Sienese Noble.

Gerard du Puy

Gerard du Puy was the vicar-general of Perugia...

Gherardo Buonconti

A well-known citizen of Pisa...

Iacomo di Benincasa

Catherine’s father who belonged to the wool guild in Siena.

Jacomo di Sozzo Tolomei

Jacomo di Sozzo Tolomei was the Bishop of Narni and from Siena.

King Robert of Naples

The King of Naples while Raymond of Capua was a child.

Landoccio di Neri de' Pagliaresi

Landoccio di Neri de’ Pagliaresi is the father of Neri de’Pagliaresi...

Lapo di Castiglionchio

A member of the Parte Guelfa in Florence...


Lisa married Catherine’s brother, Bartolomeo di Benincasa, and after his death during a plague...

Madonna Mitarella

Wife of Vico da Mogiano...


The Mantellate were a group of lay women dedicated to the Dominican Order.

Messer Niccolò de' Saracini

As a member of a noble family...

Monna Lapa

As Catherine’s mother, there is a wealth of information available about her life through Raymond of Capua’s hagiography.

Nanni di ser Vanni Savini

Nanni di ser Vanni Savini was a Sienese man who had connections to families in power.

Neri di Landoccio Pagliaresi

Neri served as Catherine’s scribe and was absolutely devoted to her.

Niccolò di Toldo

Niccolò di Toldo is famous for being the man whom Catherine stood by while he was executed...

Niccolò Soderini

A Florentine and member of the Parte Guelfa...

Niccolo Tegliacci

Catherine’s Brother-In-Law after he married her sister Buonventura.

Nigi di Doccio Arzocchi

A disciple of Catherine’s...

Nuccio (Puccio) di Piacente

Catherine’s maternal grandfather and a Sienese Poet.

Parte Guelfa

The Guelf Party in Florence had a long history, going back to the 1100s...

Piero Canigiani

Father of Barduccio Canigiani...

Piero Gambacorti

Piero Gambacorti was the Pisan ruler in 1374...

Pierre d'Estaing

Pierre d’Estaing was a French man acting as papal vicar-general in the Papal State of Bologna.

Piertro Marchese del Monte Santa Maria

As a Sienese Senator...

Pietro di Giovanni Venture

Pietro di Giovanni Venture was Catherine’s disciple and a Dominican friar.

Pope Gregory XI

Pope Gregory XI (1329-1378) was the last French pope elected in Avignon, France.

Pope Urban VI

Catherine supported Pope Urban VI’s(b.1318-d.1389) claim to the papacy...

Raymond of Capua

Raymond of Capua is most known for his appointment as Catherine of Siena’s spiritual advisor.


The Riformatori government in Siena took control after revolting against the Dodici in 1371.

Rinaldini Family

The Rinaldini were a powerful Sienese family...

Ristoro Canigiani

Barduccio’s Caningiani brother and follower of Catherine.

Salimbeni Family

After informally controlling the Council of Riformatori that revolted against the Dodici government...

Sano di Maco

A wool master from Siena, Sano di Maco would have been a familiar person to the Benincasa family business.

Simone da Cortona

A Dominican frair...

Stefano Benincasa

Stefano is Catherine’s older brother, and part of the trio who inherited her father’s shop.

Stefano di Corrado Maconi

Stefano Maconi was one of Catherine’s later companions, not joining the group until 1376...

Stoldo di Bindo Altoviti

As member of the Guelf Party in Florence...

Tolomei Family

One of the leading Sienese noble families...

Tommaso Caffarini

Tommaso Caffarini was a fully devoted follower of Catherine...

Tommaso dalla Fonte

As Catherine’s first confessor...

Vico da Mogiano

Vico da Mogiano was a Sienese Senator...

William of Flete

As Catherine’s only English friend...

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