Cristofano di Gano Guidini

Cristofano was a crucial figure to Catherine’s connection to the center of Sienese politics. He was a notary for Siena from 1362-1409 and has ten volumes of notarial cartularies. 1Scholar Thomas Luongo developed considerably more information on him than Suzanne Noffke did because of the emphasis on different sources. Due to his prominence in Sienese affairs, there are numerous source accounts for his activities including the cartularies, manuscript collections, and the few letters between him and Catherine. Cristoforo looked to Catherine for advice concerning his bride, she gave him advice on the three potential women to marry. In typical Catherine fashion she answered his plea for help by responding that she, “get into this, reluctantly, because it is more the business of worldly people than mine. Still, I can’t refuse you.” 2 Cristoforo provided Catherine with a connection into the world of Sienese politics along with many of her followers, which only made her reputation and influence stronger.