William of Flete

As Catherine’s only English friend, the two formed a close bond because they found each other likable and easy to talk to. William was born in 1355, he moved to Lecceto, Tuscany after realizing the academic life was not his true passion. Catherine wrote to him several times because he did not travel with her. Catherine asked him to travel to Rome with her because he did not approve of her reasoning for the Rome visit (council the pope). William had some influence over Catherine’s thoughts because of their close relationship. He supported the Dodici over the Riformatori and was known to the Sienese government. He also supported the return of the papacy to Rome, Italy. After Catherine’s death, he was a strong supporter of canonizing Catherine, and Thomas Luongo, Catherinian scholar, wrote that Catherine entrusted her family to him, although other sources disagree with this.1