Piero Gambacorti

Piero Gambacorti was the Pisan ruler in 1374 when he invited Catherine to visit Pisa.1 Suzanne Noffke gives no further details but Thomas Luongo argues that Catherine was politically sensitive towards Piero’s invitation due to Siena and Pisa fighting over lands to the west of Siena.2 Catherine visited Pisa a few times, and often stayed for extended periods of time. Piero Gambacorti is an example of Catherine’s connections welding power. During those stays, Catherine made use of her time and solidified friendships. She connected spiritually with the women in Piero’s family, in a letter to Piero Catherine wrote, “I’ve received a letter from you, and the sight of it warmed my heart...your love and goodness and that of those holy women that has moved you to write to me so humbly, inviting me to come there.”3 Catherine’s fame grew rapidly and that prompted men and women to invite them to their home.